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Handling and measures in times of the corona virus (Covid-19)

Dear build! Community!

On this page we will inform you about the measures in the build! Start-up Centre regarding Covid-19.

Measures, changes of venues, cancellations etc. will be updated on this page continuously.




build! customer areas will be opened again for our customers from 7.5.2020.

This regulation concerns the premises Lakeside B01, 2nd floor, 9020 Klagenfurt and the premises HTC Europastrasse 12, 9500 Villach.

Business premises regulation build!

Currently build! NO COVID19 positive contacts have been announced or have not occurred. This information will be updated continuously.


Current measures:

  1. build! organizzerà eventi sul posto a partire dal 3 luglio 2020 – Inizieremo con lo Startup Brunch il 3 luglio 2020.
    Dal 15.6.2020 saremo di nuovo in piena attività nei nostri uffici di Villach e Klagenfurt per VOI.
  2. Further training events, start-up workshops etc. such as the build! academy will be limited to 12 participants and, if necessary, will be converted to a digital format. The participants as well as the lecturers are reminded of their personal responsibility and are asked to participate in these events only in the best of health.
  3. For such events, larger meetings, etc., we ask you to follow the general recommendations and the build! Catalogue of Measures (see point 6), to refrain from direct physical contact, e.g. shaking hands to greet and say goodbye, and instead to exchange a nod, smile and a friendly greeting.
  4. The build! Gründerzentrum will also increasingly use online formats for further training for founders and the like. All employees of the build! Gründerzentrum are available to founders via all social media channels as well as directly and personally.
  5. In direct consulting contact with founders, the general recommendations and the build! Catalogue of Measures (see point 6), direct physical contact such as shaking hands is avoided. A nod of the head, a smile and a friendly greeting are naturally exchanged. Please keep a distance of 2 meters.
  6. The build! Gründerzentrum has worked out a detailed catalogue of measures for internal contact and contact with customers and partners (hygiene measures, handling events, digitalisation of business processes etc.) and will implement them.
  7. At the build! website provides the latest information on the general situation and the concrete situation in contact with build!: https://www.build.or.at/it/corona2020

The work with and for the founders continues as well as possible!

If you have further questions do not hesitate to ask. We are willing to answer your questions immediately!

Dr. Robert Gfrerer, MPH

 +43 (664) 8405736

Julia Guggenberger, MSc, BA

 +43 (660) 9876028




Information about the situation in Austria:





WHO Website: 


Myth busters:


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