Company Name

t2i – Trasferimento Tecnologico e Innovazione s. c. a r.l.

Focus Area

Startup Inkubator


2014 (from the merging of existing company Treviso Tecnologia (funded on 1998), with Polesine Innovazione and Verona Innovazione)

Company Profile

For over 10 years t2i has been committed to supporting entrepreneurial development and business start-ups. From 2016 t2i Accredited Incubator at CENSER area in Rovigo helped to increase the services already given, through a place where entrepreneurial ideas are positively supported, to be launched on the market in a short time period, and networking activities are performed on a regular basis, to connect academia and business sectors.

Through physical and virtual assistance, t2i business incubator offers:

Training & Mentoring: training paths for future entrepreneurs to create the technical skills, decision-making skills and HR management skills necessary to then develop a practical business plan focused on marketability and profitability; Vertical support in specific areas, thanks to the network of experts and technical partners; Networking events; Transnational events and Cross-fertilization workshops;

Advice: tax consulting services as well as administrative, marketing and intellectual property (trademarks and patents) services to provide anyone who wishes to start-up a business greater awareness on the development of the business plan, facilitating marketability and business continuity;

Loan: a service provided to help aspiring entrepreneurs to access a fast and balanced business micro- loan through the issuing of guaranteed loans to “Innovative Start-ups” with good chances of success.

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Company Statement According Cross Boarder Incubator Network

t2i aim has always being to create a “contamination” place that increases the opportunities to do business through the exchange of ideas between innovative thinkers who operate in different research fields and in different countries. We declare therefore our complete availability to cooperate within a network of incubators at transborder level, in order to improve the business potential of the Alpe Adria extended region.



Franca Bandiera – Education and Training services coordinator

Alberto Previato – Business incubator services coordinator


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