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An innovative business idea and a profitable business model form the basis for a successful company.  However, in order to implement large projects, sufficient capital is required.

The build! Business incubator in Carinthia helps to support start-ups in establishing the necessary contacts with potential investors. Likewise, we also support interested investors when it comes to finding attractive investments.

Become an investor

Are you interested in making professional investments and would like to become active as an angel investor?

Are you willing to contribute your entrepreneurial expertise and wide networks, as well as the corresponding capital, to the most innovative companies in the region?

How will you benefit as an investor?

Icon CheckmarkYou will gain direct access to the elite of the regional start-up scene.

Icon CheckmarkWe mediate upon selected and attractive start-up projects.

Icon CheckmarkParticipation as early as possible gives you the opportunity to benefit in the best possible way from the growth of young companies.

Become part of a growing network of angel investors in Carinthia today.

Contact us to find out more about your options in providing support, or learn more about any of the build! Start-ups we have selected.

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