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Project aim

We develop solutions for the challenges in the Alps-Adriatic region together with public administrations, institutions and social entrepreneurs. We analyse problems as well as best practice examples and create a social ecosystem map in order to do so.

All 4 regions (Carinthia, South Tyrol, Friuli, Veneto) organise idea competitions to find local solutions with social impact. Starting in January 2019, all contributors at the 4 locations will be offered Social Impact Training and an Accelerator Programme.

Based on this experience, we derive business models in connection with social entrepreneurship and develop a self-test for social entrepreneurs. Two national events (DemoDays) are planned in order to present the collected information to the public and network actors in the Alps-Adriatic region. Finally, a handbook will be published and the acquired knowledge will be transferred to the public administration system through workshops.

Project budget

  • Total eligible costs: EUR 1,127,653.00
  • Funding (ERDF funding): EUR 875,533.05

Project period

01/01/2018 – 30/04/2021


  • Establish social innovation as a pillar equal to technical innovations in the Alps-Adriatic region.
  • Make support and relief potential visible and usable for public administration through social entrepreneurship
  • Develop methods and tools for the co-operative generation and implementation of social innovations through the public administration and social entrepreneurs
  • Train employees of the administration and social entrepreneurs in these methods

Project partner

Lead partner: Alps-Adriatic University of Klagenfurt

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SAVE THE DATE – 16. September 2020

Soziale Innovationen

Social innovation

To make this important and exciting topic even better known and to give people with innovative ideas with social added value a stage,

we cordially invite you to the event “Social innovations – we set impulses”.

The final event within the Interreg project “Social Impact for the Alps Adriatic Region” between partners from Austria and Italy,

offers a versatile program for all who are interested in social innovation and social entrepreneurship.

What to expect:

  • Best Practice Projects from Austria and Italy
  • Exchange with social entrepreneurs
  • Keynote speech
  • Discussion rounds & more

Your contact:

Mag. Kathrin Niederbichler, BSc-

Julia Guggenberger, MSc, BA –

Project aim

The “fight for talent” has intensified on a global scale in recent years. The emigration of entrepreneurial talent and innovative companies from border regions into more attractive start-up ecosystems has increased. The region’s low level of internal and external networks and the need to strengthen innovation networks are particularly critical aspects. As a result, EES AA is leading the way in linking local entrepreneurial and start-up hubs to create a cross-border entrepreneurship cluster in which technology parks, universities, start-up centres and coworking spaces play key roles. The EES AA is made visible as a destination for the best innovative companies in the region and beyond (global).

Project budget

Total eligible costs: EUR 1,214,537.81

Funding (ERDF funding): EUR 997,330.24

Project period

01/01/2017 – 31/12/2019


  • A cross-border EES AA destination is to be created through the development of a common vision and strategy as well as a joint action plan (organisation of joint lighthouse events, strategic coordination with other entrepreneurial ecosystems).
  • The aim is to create a systematic package of high level services for the development and growth of innovative SMEs/start-ups in the programme area (mobilisation, start-up soft landing, marketing potential).
  • A cross-border, high-quality support programme will be provided.
  • An educational programme for entrepreneurship will be developed as well as its piloting in the project area.

Project partner

Lead Partner KWF – Carinthian Business Development Fund (Austria)

Project website

Project Handbook

Your contact:

Kathrin Niederbichler –

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